We took the “Liyana Club” kids on a two-day hike in Malolotja nature reserve. It’s a rugged, gorgeous place where our co-director, Aaron, spent many days exploring as a child. We filmed the hike to provide an additional narrative thread that also serves as a metaphor for the children’s creative journey.  These are some stills taken from the footage:


It was a challenging experience to say the least.  It was a very steep hike, and the trail disappeared two-thirds of the way down.  At times we had to sit and slide down in order to keep our balance with all the film equipment in tow.  In order to get good coverage of the hike we had to run up ahead of the kids to film them coming, film them as they go past, and then run to get ahead of them again.  And these kids are fast!  When we finally reached the bottom by the river we had to cut our way through the dense brush with a machete.  We all rejoiced as we cooled off in the waterfall and inhaled our dinner.

There were 3 adults and 10 kids sharing one tent. All during the night there was an intense lightning storm and our tent revealed its many holes!

The hike out the next day was hot and seemed eternal.  We all learned about perseverance on that trip, and wow fried chicken never tasted so good afterwards!



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