Hi Friends!

We’re back in Denver after a wonderful month in Swaziland and South Africa!

We hadn’t planned on any more filming for Liyana because we were already so happy with all of the footage that we had. But when Amanda (our producer) was hired to shoot the Cape Town wedding of Aaron’s close friend, we decided to make the most of the opportunity to be on that side of the globe again.  The trip was wonderfully productive for the film, and we wanted to share some highlights with you:


Aaron (our co-director) has been working on editing the Liyana rough cut at every chance possible throughout the last year and it’s going very well.  Once we found out we’d be back in Southern Africa, he started making a little wish list of things that would be nice to try to shoot with the kids if possible… and wow things turned out better than we could have dreamed!


We were able to film some incredible scenes and get new footage that makes us absolutely giddy.  This trip felt like it was meant to be.  We shot new gorgeous and emotional scenes of “life around the farm” that wouldn’t have been possible the last time we were there. And now we can’t imagine the film without these new scenes because they fit so perfectly. We are more confident in the film than ever before!


Also, we were thrilled that we had the chance to do another photo shoot with some of the children, acting out scenes from Liyana’s journey. We can use the photos as reference images for the animation while we are making storyboards, style frames, etc.


Nosipho was the perfect fit to act out Liyana’s scenes and little Vusi got to play a part too. They are such great models!  Not only is this super useful for us in making Liyana’s story come to life, but it was a cool way for us to further involve the kids in the actual filmmaking process.


KK and Setu make the most amazing wire cars!  Some of the vehicles have opening doors, shocks, gas tanks, and working steering wheels.  One of the kids even made a  32-seater bus!


Now, Aaron is off to China where he’ll be shooting for a National Geographic T.V. show! As soon as Aaron returns, he and Amanda will be back hard at work on the rough cut of Liyana.  We continue to be thrilled with how it’s all coming together.  This film is the most fulfilling project of our lives and we are so excited to show you the finished project!

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